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Training Philosophy

Working with your dog should be focused on building a stronger bond between owner and animal by utilizing clear communication and positive reinforcement.

Learning from Brenda Aloff

Julia has mentored with the world renowned dog trainer Brenda Aloff, completing dog training courses and seminars designed and created by Brenda Aloff. Brenda specializes in dog aggression and problem dogs. She has published five books and has hosted clinics and seminars around the world for over 20 years.

About Brenda
Brenda Aloff

Karen Ramstead

Mushing with Karen Ramstead

Julia has trained with Karen Ramstead, an eleven time Iditarod participant, at her racing kennel in Alberta, Canada. Karen has been influential in the Iditarod and with the siberian husky breed, maintaining one of the fastest times for a pure bred team in the race. From Karen, Julia has learned about working dog care and health, as well as working with large groups of dogs and being a pack leader. Karen also gives presentations on sled dog care and training internationally.

About Karen

Never Stop Learning

Each year, Julia attends seminars, workshops, and classes for dog training and behavior modification, dog aggression, mushing, working dog health care, and dog equipment.

Julia and Barx

Life Long Learning - Life Long Love


For the Love of Dogs

Behavior Consultations

Behavior Consultation

A behavior consultation will help you understand and clarify your dog's actions and thinking.

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Private Lessons

Private Training

Problem behaviors are best addressed where they take place, leading to a more customized management and training program.

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Puppy Classes

Puppy Class

This class will get you and your puppy off to the right start - meeting one another's expectations.

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Downtown Dog

Downtown Dog Class

Have a great time training your dog while out and about town. Impress everyone with your polite and well mannered pooch.

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Reactive Dog

Reactive Dog Class

Help get your overly friendly or rude and reactive dogs back on the right path.

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Urban Mushing

Urban Mushing

Harness your active and atheltic dogs as you mush in the great outdoors - create a strong partnership between you and your dog.

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