Training with Julia

Connecting with Your Dog

Behavior Consultations

Individual consultations to assess and discuss your dogs training and management needs.

  • A Strategy and Management System - that fits both your life and the dog's needs.
  • Helpful if - you are deciding whether or not the dogs needs can be provided for.
  • Helpful if - you are unsure about a behavior your dog is exhibiting and if training can help.
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Private Lessons

In-home training sessions are the best way to work on a specific problem or behavior with your dog.

  • In-home Sessions - are the least stressful way to work with your dog.
  • A Management Plan - for your dog will be put in place to continue training after the lesson is over.
  • Offered - at your home or a specific location, such as a park or neighborhood.
  • The Best Option - for dogs that have individualized needs or owners that have complicated schedules.
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Group Classes

Puppy Class

This class gets you and your puppy off to the right start and will set your puppy up for success to become a great dog.

  • Puppy Basics: Obedience, manners, and engagement.
  • Socialize and Train your puppy in a supportive enviornment.
  • For: Puppies Up To 6 Months Old
  • Duration: 6 Weeks

Downtown Dog Class

Have a great time training your dog to be a polite and well mannered pooch while out and about town or in your local parks.

  • Locations: Downtown Bethel, CT or Huntington Park, Reddig, CT
  • Duration: 6 Weeks

Reactive Dog Class

This class is for the dog that is reactive, overly friendly, or rude around other dogs and will help get your dog back on the right path.

The class is focused on engagment and building a stronger relationship between you and your dog.

  • Requirements: at least one private consultation.
  • Duration: 6 Weeks

Urban Mushing

Urban Mushing creates a strong partnership between you and your dog. Muching is a great way to exercise your dog, while enjoying the outdoors. Try urban mushing and develop a unique bond with your dog.

Mushing can be done with a bike, scooter, rig, skis, or sled along with the appropriate harnesses and gear for your dog.

  • Great For - the altheltic or active dog.
  • Equipment - can be provided during training sessions.